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Aimee Rose discovered yoga back in 2014 after some of her college friends encouraged her to take a class. Having been a basketball player all of her life, Aimee was a bit reluctant to take the class, though she left feeling awesome. She continued with yoga and found that hot yoga was particularly her favorite and she focused on taking just those classes. Aimee found that yoga wasn’t what she originally thought and discovered it was a place where people from all different backgrounds could come together and connect. This was something she wanted to share with others in her community and beyond. Feeling like Hotbox was home, she completed her teacher training in March 2018. Aimee loves teaching yoga because it allows her to create space for others to feel good. Aimee’s classes are challenging and at the same time calming. Students leave feeling empowered, seeing that they could do something that maybe they didn’t think was possible and really surprise themselves. Since becoming a teacher, she is now more present and patient with her own practice and really listens to her body. Overall, her self-confidence and self-love has strengthened as a result of her yoga practice and it is a gift she wants to make accessible to everyone. This growth has led to curiosity in other areas of her life outside of yoga too. Currently, her favorite pose is lizard lunge. Class with Aimee will leave you feeling sweaty, powerful, encouraged, and supported!



Alex Rosetti has been teaching at Hotbox Yoga for 3 years and would describe her yoga journey as homegrown, practicing at Hotbox since her days as a student at St. Joseph’s University. Yoga was an outlet that allowed Alex to express herself and supported her during challenging times, allowing her to discover her own power. Becoming a teacher was a way to give back and support others in discovering their own power. The impact made by her teachers inspired her to want to do the same for others. One thing Alex wants her students to take away from her classes is the simple fact that they can do the things that they think they can’t and her teaching style allows for that belief to come to fruition. She challenges her students with a practice that creates space for possibility both on and off of the yoga mat. Alex’s favorite yoga pose is half pigeon as it represents the point in the practice where you have “made it through” with vigor and can now “let go” with grace. It’s that vigor and grace along with precision and power that makes Alex’s classes so transformative. 



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Chelsea Sproul has been practicing yoga in Philadelphia since 2010. Looking for a way to create space for herself after college when starting a full time job in an office, yoga became a powerful tool to manage anxiety. Seeing the benefits of the practice of yoga, on a whim, Chelsea signed up for teacher training with the belief that the impact of yoga in her life would be magnified and create an even deeper healing. Chelsea completed her YTT with Hotbox in March 2018 and it was a true game changer. She has been teaching yoga in Manayunk ever since. A lifelong passion for both learning and teaching, Chelsea knew that she wanted to teach yoga right away. With a Master’s Degree in Organizational Development, Chelsea is passionate about delivering the best learning experience to others and teaching yoga allows her to share the tools of the practice along with a focus on the breath to create space for her students to experience the same benefits that she has received from the practice. Chelsea’s favorite pose is dancer because not only does she feel strong in the pose, she feels like “a real bad ass.” That’s what this practice gives you, the space and the tools to discover your own lightness and strength and an overall increase in well-being. Chelsea, a self described jokester, loves to simply make people laugh and wants to bring that joy to her classes. If you take a class with Chelsea, you will feel that they are light-hearted, fun, unscripted, and welcoming!



Janna Rothschild completed her YTT through Hotbox and has been teaching power vinyasa yoga in West Philly for the last six months. Janna has always had a passion for fitness and became a teacher because she gets something truly unique from the yoga practice. The practice has taught her patience and being okay with being uncomfortable and truly reading what is happening in her body, something she wants her students to walk away with, a new awareness of their bodies and knowing when to push forward and when to hold back in their practice. Janna believes that you practice yoga in the studio and you do yoga when you leave the studio. The tools gained from this practice really impact your whole life and allow for less judgment and increased confidence. Janna’s favorite pose is half moon because it is always a work in progress. There are so many places to go with this pose and it allows her to explore a new space every time. Janna’s classes are big-hearted, playful, and challenging. She teaches a power beats class and is always keeping the sequence fun and relevant. One of the biggest takeaways Janna has received from her yoga journey is from Don Miguel Ruiz’s The Four Agreements and the agreement of not taking things personally. Janna explains that so often we take on other people’s junk as our own and that can limit our power and freedom. This idea of not taking things personally and the freedom that comes with that is something that Janna wants to continue to share as seeing things this way can turn a situation from night to day.



Karli Rosen has been teaching yoga at Hotbox for almost three years. Karli's yoga journey started almost 8 years ago when she began taking yoga classes at a local gym and what started as a  small step to self care became the catalyst that transformed her life and allowed her to discover her power physically, mentally, and spiritually. Starting as an Energy Exchanger at the West Philly location, Karli completed her yoga teacher training with Hotbox because it truly felt like home and after being inspired by her own teachers and mentors, teaching was a way she could give back and empower her community.  Karli teaches with enthusiasm and truly listens to what is happening in the room so that she can impact students positively. Even if a student comes to yoga simply to get a workout, Karli wants them to leave the space feeling better. Karli’s favorite pose is currently Warrior 2 and she joyfully describes that she feels like a bad-ass powerful yogi in this pose, something she wants all of her students to recognize in themselves when they practice. Karli’s classes are challenging, sweaty, mindful, and grounding and students leave with a feeling of both power and ease 



Community is everything and that is what inspires Kate Boyle’s teaching. She has been teaching in West Philly for over three years and West Philly is simply home. Kate also leads the Energy Exchange program and her love for the community and how supportive it is is apparent when you talk to Kate about what Hotbox means in her life. The impact the practice has had on her own life and relationships is something she needed to share and with the  support and encouragement from teachers, Kate completed YTT in 2015.  Kate would describe it as a gift that gets better the more you give it away. She finds that she learns something new every time she practices and she wants to guide people in a similar experience. For Kate, seeing when everything clicks in a class and when what she is teaching lands with students is powerful. Students keep coming back to her classes because they are accessible, not too serious, sweaty, and challenging. Kate shows up as the Kate talking about yoga, not Kate the "yoga teacher" and her genuine approach and desire to make a difference is clear. One thing she would like her students to take away from her classes is that it is ok to slow down and be okay being right where you are without feeling the need to rush from point A to point B and simply just experience the practice itself. 



Lacy Feigh has been teaching yoga since March 2018. A native of South Carolina, Lacy’s yoga journey really began a regular yoga practice as a way to cope with stress during grad school in Philadelphia. With the support and encouragement from teachers and friends, Eliakim Warren and Larkin Silverman, Lacy signed up for YTT with Hotbox and never looked back. Not only is yoga a way for her to connect and cultivate community in Philadelphia, it also aligned with her broader goals to share yoga globally and create more communities abroad where she researches. In September 2018, Lacy will begin teaching and practicing in Ethiopia and beyond for a year. The power of yoga and its ability to connect people to each other and themselves through their breath is what Lacy loves about teaching. Hearing someone else's breath can give you strength and your own breath can empower them. As a teacher, Lacy wants to create a safe space for students to work out their lives on their mats and since becoming a teacher herself, she has discovered more softness and humility, while becoming strong both physically and mentally. Currently, Lacy’s favorite pose is half moon as she finds so much power and stability in it as there are so many places to take the pose. Lacy’s classes will empower you and connect you to your breath, allowing you to get out of your head and into your body with grace and ease.



Being an advocate for others is an everyday thing for Laura Buckley. In addition to teaching yoga at Hotbox (since Fall 2017), Laura is also a social worker in Camden, NJ. Laura discovered yoga at a young age, and it quickly became a source of self care and rejuvenation as it influenced her to be her strongest self (mentally, physically, and emotionally). She has used yoga to find steadiness and community everywhere she has lived, including New York, Cape Town, and Kolkata. Laura wanted to share this practice with others so they could also feel empowered in their own bodies. Certified through Hotbox in 2014, Laura did not begin teaching immediately; instead, she focused on her work, her individual practice (armed with more tools following teacher training), and established Philadelphia roots by purchasing a home. Laura challenges herself every class she teaches to get out of her comfort zone, and asks the same of students. Laura encourages curiosity to allow for the possibility of comfort in something that may not be initially comfortable. Double pigeon, once being a pose of discomfort, for instance, is now a pose of strength (and her current favorite pose).  Always drawn to the philosophies and fundamentals of yoga, Laura wants students to learn something new in each of her classes. When asked what Laura wants her students to take away from her classes, she responded, “I want students to know how awesome they are,” and if you take a class with Laura, the space she provides allows for that discovery to happen!



Marty Harrison loved teacher training with Hotbox so much that she completed it twice, gaining over 400 hours of training! Discovering yoga in West Philly over 6 years ago, she was looking for an outlet after giving birth to her son at only 23 weeks. Curious to see what yoga was truly all about, she began taking classes on Lancaster Ave. There was a noticeable difference in the way she felt from the practice and it wasn’t until she became a regular at what later became Hotbox, that she noticed that the more classes that she took, the more that she wanted to share the undeniable feeling that she got from the practice. Marty decided she wanted to spend the rest of her life creating the space for others to experience the same. Inspired by teacher, Lindsay Lusignea, who seemed to always exude lightness and peace, Marty decided this was it and in April of 2015, she signed up for her first 200 hour, leading her to become the powerhouse teacher that she is today. When it comes to teaching, what Marty loves most is helping people smile, allowing people to let their guard down, not be too serious, and simply be comfortable with who they are right where they are so that they leave with confidence knowing that they can do anything. For Marty, Hotbox feels like family and when you take a class with Marty, she humbly makes you feel welcome into the space and brings forth a class that is both challenging and fun. She will help push you to your limits and then gently pull you back. Marty’s favorite pose is lizard lunge as it allows for total surrender when her arms are stretched out in front of her and it provides her with the ability to receive whatever is in the space for her to receive. Marty now exudes her own lightness and peace and as her own self love has grown through the practice, she continues to empower others.



Maryssa Jane describes her inspiration for becoming a yoga teacher as “being given a gift she has to share.” She is passionate about sharing the tools she has gained from her yoga practice because they continue to transform her life both on and off the mat. MJ describes her journey as going from powerless to powerful. Teaching allows her to both facilitate and witness the transformation in her students as they recognize the same power within themselves. A Texas native,  MJ always felt a connection to yoga, like she was meant to be a teacher, though she laughs when talking about how she failed a yoga class in college. The stars aligned years later as she was called back to the practice during a period of soul-searching. This journey led to a deep awakening while completing her yoga teacher training at Hotbox in 2017. MJ focuses on replacing judgment with self love wanting her students to walk away knowing they are SO much stronger than the story their minds tell them. MJ’s classes are challenging, encouraging, and joyful! Students can always count on leaving class with a sense of peace and well-being.



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