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Bring Your Kid to Yoga Day

Time: Saturday, August 10th, 12:30-1:30 PM

Location: Manayunk 

Cost: $25


Bring Your Kid to Yoga Day (BYKYD) is a special event where parents can share their yoga practice with their children, allowing kids to experience the yoga studio and the community their parents are part of. With the support of the teacher and the encouragement of fellow yogis, children learn how to practice yoga in a familiar environment. Practicing together helps parents and children build stronger bonds, connect in new ways, and create lifelong memories. This day can also spark the beginning of a child's personal yoga journey.

What to Expect:

  • Meet and Greet: Parents introduce their kids to the community, and the instructor outlines the codes of conduct.

  • Yoga Session: A 45-minute, non-heated Journey into Power Yoga flow focused on Breath and Drishti (Gaze, Focus).

  • Guided Meditation: The class ends with a 5-minute guided meditation to reinforce the tools of Breath and Drishti.

Parents should plan the day ahead, set clear expectations, and make their children feel comfortable. Having conversations before and after the event can enhance the experience, allowing parents and children to reflect on what they enjoyed and learned. This event aims to provide a joyful and beneficial yoga experience, fostering a sense of community and well-being for both parents and children. There are 20 slots available, so sign up today! 


Parents are responsible for their children throughout the event, including accompanying them to the bathroom. No drop-off or pick-up services are provided.

The cost is $25 to sign up, and parents can bring up to one child (ages 9-18) to practice for free! 

Peace and Greetings! My name is Shayla Wali, and I am a Yogi with 20 years of practice. My journey began under the leadership of Bill Raup at Power Yoga Works, where I fell in love with the serenity yoga brought me. To share its benefits, I introduced yoga to my children, family, and friends, witnessing its impact on mental clarity and emotional regulation. With their support, I received my Yoga Teacher Certification in December 2023 at Hotbox Yoga. Now, I am excited to bring this workshop to parents, children, and families, inspired by my desire to share my yoga journey with my children and hopefully gain new yoga buddies along the way!

Please note that as the parent, you will need to complete a physical waiver for your child to participate.

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