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Hotbox Yoga is committed to empowering our community through the practices of yoga and meditation. We teach a powerful flowing practice, accessible to all levels, that is intended to create strength, flexibility, and balance in your life. Our classes will challenge you to tap into your inner power on and off your mat, inspire you to discover your full potential, create more confidence, and open you up to new possibilities for your yoga practice and your life.


Hotbox Yoga is a hot studio. The temperature is kept between 90-100 degrees. 



1. Creating Space for Everyone: Our studio strives to be the place where everyone can practice in an uplifting, welcoming, and safe environment. Our teachers are always available to offer modifications for any pose you may feel uncomfortable or unsure in. 


2. Disconnecting / Reconnecting: At Hotbox Yoga, we value human connection and being present. Being at the studio is a great opportunity to unplug, give yourself a break, and reconnect with everything & everyone around you. In the words of Anne Lamott, "Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you." 


3. Community Building: Our studio would be nothing without the support of its members, students, and teachers. Every single day at Hotbox Yoga gives us the chance to connect with those around us and share our passion for the practice of yoga. 



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