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How do I know if I've gotten off the waitlist?

You will be notified about getting off the waitlist via email. You can also sign up for text notifications. Make sure that you check your account settings to verify that you are set up for notifications.

What is parking like in Manayunk and Ambler?

Manayunk: There is paid parking on Main Street and free parking on the streets behind the studio. Please arrive 15 minutes early to find a spot! 

Ambler: There is a parking lot 

What should I bring if it's my first time? 

Welcome! We recommend that you bring a sweat towel (like a hand towel), and a mat towel (like a normal towel). We also recommend you bring water and a change of clothes. Enjoy your visit!


Is the studio hot? 

The answer is YES! We keep the room between 90-100 degrees. 

I bought $40 for 40 and can't sign up for classes, how do I fix this?

The $40 for 40 package will become active on your first class. If you are unable to make a booking, it is likely because you have already made future reservations. In that case, all you need to do is cancel your future reservations and you will be able to book your desired class.

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